Better Early Than Never

For this first entry I’m channeling my inner Mark and jumpin’ the gun because in every Dr. Jaxon class I’ve had, Mark was in it and he would be on point postin’ before class and even before the prompt was up sometimes; like he had the Jedi blog trick or something. To add, I in no way am drawing all of Mark’s awesomeness at posting and his ways with words. I’m only leaving my own procrastination behind and following suit, posting early…also, I figured we would be doing brief Blog intros and I know that it will get away from me if I don’t do it now.

So, with that, my name is Jeremy Wallace and I am a graduate student in the English department with an emphasis in Literature -or possibly Language and Literacy- and in my final semester. I have had the privilege of teaching two literature courses here –ENG240: Literature for Life and ENG258: World Literature- as well as two sections of ENG130: Academic Writing.

Currently my colleague, Daniele Astengo, and I are working on a classroom model that would enable two or more literature courses taught at the same campus to collaborate via their shared classroom website. We will be presenting this work at Arizona State in two weeks with the hope that it will highlight key components to the success of the course, such as: the hybridization of course content and engagement –evenly dispersing the time between face-to-face and online interaction; the importance of using your own web space and not a school based Learning Management System (LMS); discussion around weekly “make sessions”, films or seminars, as well as the shared benchmarks that would culminate in a piece of department published collaborative fiction and an adaptation, remix or remake of their own doing in the medium of their choice.

At the moment I’m interested in discussing ways we can reimagine and redesign the literature classroom to better address the needs of the 21st century student and learner. Also I’m really curious about “make” spaces in the classroom and the possibilities of putting together a future Chico State Humanities Lab.


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