Literacy Narrative from 8 to 90

So I don’t think we had a blog due per the calendar, because it said “No blog next week: work on Literacy Narrative”, but I know we always got somethin’ to post. So here are some answers from my Literacy Narrative thus far that I really enjoyed.

When asked where you see writing in the next ten years, or how important it will be, my interviewees said this:

“I’m afraid its gonna be erased. I don’t even think the telephone will be the telephone. It will be all clones (in reference to automated operators). We depend too much on the machine and not using the brain as we should.” – Diana 90

In the next ten years, I’m “Pretty sure you won’t know how to fucking read or write because the computer will do it all for you … People are going to rely solely on computers”. – Angela 36

“It will be an important thing in my life. Something like I have to do for life. (brief pause) I just think when I’m in college, because I’m planning to go to college – even though it’s nothing to worry about at my age , it’s going to be important for my grades and stuff. Do you know what I mean?” – Jayden 8

“Oh! Everything. But it’s gonna be online…well, not everything…but a lot of it.” – Summer 15

And when I asked about the importance of computer literacy, they said:

We need computer literacy “So they know if the machine is operating as it should. If we don’t understand the machine, it could tell us anything. If you take it as gospel there could be problems”.

She compared these statements to going into a store and the register stops working. The guy who just took your dollar for the sixty five cent item doesn’t know he owes you thirty five cents because the machine didn’t tell him. Or how many times have you went to a store that the power is out or the registers are down and they say they can’t ring you up? Can’t they legibly write it down and transfer that to a bookkeeper somehow? “Has the world stopped spinning just because the computer has stopped. It’s frightening. It’s really frightening.” – Diana

“If computers do everything for you, you have to know how to command it. You have to know something. But I’m sure there’s an app for that”. – Angela

“Totally” – Jayden

“Yes, internet literacy would be great! Because it would be nice to know what you’re doing, especially if they are going to expect us to do everything online.” – Summer


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