Gunther Kress Book Review, Minus the Review and Book Stuff

At the present moment my review of Gunther Kress’ book, Literacy in the New Media Age, is at best an imagined outline sketch of what a real book review should look like. What is real and present are my own, as Kress would put it, struggles that the “reading paths” that this thing called a thesis has me driving down. In other words, the certain limitations and restrictions put on us based on the format, genre or order of words they’re written in, that lead us down a specific path of interest and understanding. The difficulties on my own reading path, in regards to thesis functionality and formatting, then becomes: How do I deviate from this predetermined path and forge my own road amongst the dirt ridden waste of unformulated thoughts scraped, etched, and embedded across the badlands of my mind, as well as gracefully succumb to the formatting and content norms coffee stained to my blank pages even before I write?

Now, I’m not looking to use this space to come to any large claim or conclusion about how to combat or overcome this issue, and I’m not looking for sympathy or any sort of emotional reaction. I’m just throwing it out there publicly as to why I’m flaking on the other work in my life that is equally important, yet cannot become priority based on the restrictions and constraints in place that surround the thesis and my own life schedule.

So I guess in a way this space has just been used as my personal forum to globally circulate and distribute my issues in hopes that it will better serve as socially useful knowledge to those who are moving up the ranks and ready to attack the beast that is the thesis.

Good luck. Don’t procrastinate. And know it will end no matter what, so Nike this motha f#@%er and Just Do it!


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